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Tel: 07979881954   Email: Abrookfarm@hotmail.co.uk

Proprietor:  N Abrook

Nikki Abrook

Nikki is the manager of Abrook Farm livery yard, she is an Equine Studies graduate from Warwickshire college, has her BHS stages 1, 2 & 3 as well as a HGV licence
Over a number of years Nikki has gained valuable experience in working for a riding school, teaching children of all ages to ride and dealing with clients on a day to day basis.
For 2 years she worked for international show jumper
Andrew Saywell which provided invaluable experience
riding grade ‘A’ show jumping horses, successfully running
a yard and preparing horses to a high standard for top class
shows.  She also groomed at shows such as Hickstead,
‘Horse of the Year’ show and Scope festival.
After leaving Andrew Saywell’s she started her own equine transport business which gave her further  experience handling horses and driving them all over the country.  In March ‘06 Nikki and her family built Abrook Farm livery yard for her to manage.  In addition to running Abrook Farm she regularly competes at BSJA shows on her own horse up to and including ‘Foxhunter’ level.  In 2010 she is looking forward to backing and breaking her three year old who was successfully bred from her retired show jumping horse.

The rest of the team are:

Tony Abrook (Nikki’s father) who carries out maintenance work on the yard
Sue Abrook (Nikki’s mother) who helps with the daily routine of the yard
Marc Abrook (Nikki’s brother) who maintains the land and paddocks with scheduled harrowing, topping, rolling and fertilizing to ensure healthy grass for grazing and haymaking

We also have valued and trustworthy weekend staff who run the yard to the same high standards